Office cleaning in London and the South East

Your customers and staff form an impression of your business based on how you maintain your workplace. We’re here to help you send the right message.

We’re known for going the extra mile, with senior staff on call whenever they are needed and a suite of optional add-ons available to clients that make running a business easier.

From window cleaning and washroom services to grounds maintenance and on-demand deep cleans, we take care of it all.

Every commercial cleaning client has a unique set of requirements.

Whether you need a discreet team to clean an office at night while the last few employees are still there or a skilled specialist to remove persistent graffiti from school walls, no two clients are alike.

Finding someone that meets your exact needs can be challenging – especially when the industry norm is to sign a contract with a cleaning company that ties you to them for a set period.

Some businesses may turn out to be too small to consistently deliver on what they promised to do. Others may be so large that they fail to understand what you are looking for – leaving you frustrated and feeling that you can never get through to a decision-maker.

Continuity and reliability can be an issue, too. The cleaning industry has a famously high rate of staff turnover, which can cause problems when businesses are repeatedly having to onboard new cleaners or provide them with access.

When you work with Goldservice, it’s different.

We have been offering commercial cleaning services across London and the South East for more than 35 years, and – as new clients very quickly discover – we have the experience, staff and dedication to provide you with unbeatable levels of service.

Office cleaning services – the Goldservice way

More than 200 clients rely on Goldservice to keep their business premises clean.

We have cleaning contracts for office blocks, schools, factories, leisure centres, car showrooms, airports, golf clubs, dental surgeries and many other types of workplace.

Every day, our 300+ highly-skilled cleaners arrive exactly where they are needed. They arrive on time, follow a set of carefully pre-arranged procedures, and are committed to high levels of service.

It’s why we consider them to be such an important part of our family-owned business.

We have confidence in our cleaning specialists because we pay them fairly, train them well in the use of the latest technology and products, and take their health, safety and wellbeing seriously.

As a result, we know that when a new client signs a contract with us – be that for three months or three years – we will be able to consistently meet their needs.

And once a client realises how reliable and efficient our cleaners are, they often rely on us to take care of a whole host of other services that make running a business easier.

We handle all of the following:

  • Office cleaning services (including co-working spaces)
  • Restaurants, car showrooms and many other types of businesses
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Canteen cleaning
  • Washroom services
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Waste management
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • And many more cleaning services across multiple sectors.

Our expertise in the office  cleaning sector

We are one of the leading office cleaning companies in London and the South East.

Having worked in commercial cleaning for 35 years, we understand that for office cleaning services to run like clockwork, they need to be incredibly well-planned.

Rushing into things with vague deliverables only leads to confusion and disappointment – so we start each new client engagement with a detailed conversation about your precise needs.

Next, we present you with a proposal for how our expert team of cleaners will carry out the work.

Whether you’re interested in office cleaning services or any other type of commercial cleaning service, we’ll only move on to the next step once you feel confident that the cleaning contract is right for you.

Next comes the onboarding process, which is something that smaller companies often overlook. Having now successfully completed more than 200,000 cleaning jobs, we know it is imperative that all parties understand exactly what will happen when the contract begins.

  • How many cleaners will be needed?
  • What products and tools will they require?
  • Which areas will they be cleaning, and how often?
  • Are there any access codes or security passes that need to be taken care of?

These and a long list of other questions will all be addressed during the onboarding process so that our cleaners can start working for you in as seamless a way as possible.

To keep things even easier, we use a suite of modern apps that enable us to log our cleaners’ hours and interact with them on a regular basis.

In turn, our cleaners are able to order new cleaning supplies the moment stocks are running low. We have a 24-hour janitorial service that ensures your cleaners should never need to use a substitute product.

And with Goldservice, personal service comes as standard. You can contact our management team 24/7 and can also expect to see us onsite for regular audits.

This gives both you and us confidence that your cleaning requirements are being undertaken exactly as agreed – and to the incredibly high standards that we’re known for.

7 reasons to choose Goldservice for your office cleaning needs


Office cleaning expertise spanning 35 years.


Highly competitive pricing – get a quote today!

Great service

300+ team of highly-skilled cleaning staff.


More than £200,000 invested in the latest cleaning technology.


Full suite of add-on services available to clients.

Full suite of additional services available

24 hours phone service.

Impeccable credentials

Longstanding BICSc corporate members.

We use Goldservice for a local event that we organise annually. The team are friendly and reliable and the staff that are with us on the day are polite, helpful and very hard-working. We
would have no issue recommending them to anyone and we look forward to working with them again next year.

Katherine, Air Charter Expo

We have been using Goldservice for the past five years, and I could not be happier with the service.

Jon Wittenberg, Club Manager

As Premises manager I contracted in Goldservice Contract Cleaning to carry out a deep clean of all the Corridors & Toilets at my school. The whole team worked extremely hard for the whole week and the end results are above and beyond what i had expected. We have already received great feedback from the staff & students on their return from the summer holiday, exactly what I was hoping for.

Carl, Charles Darwin Secondary School

I came into the office this morning and noted yet again how Goldservice continues to go above and beyond. The office was its usual immaculate self, and our small kitchen was gleaming. Please accept our gratitude and thanks for all your efforts. We really do appreciate it.

Jackie, Sennocke

I have personally used Goldservice for over 10 years across the sites I look after, and have always found them to be honest, trustworthy and extremely reliable.

Mark Effenberg, Franchise Director

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