Restaurant cleaning in London and the South East

Heavy footfall in restaurants necessitates a diligent cleaning response: we take care of everything from the daily cleaning of dining areas to on-demand deep cleans of kitchens, washrooms, carpets and more.

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is a high priority for every kind of restaurant.

In an era when a poor Tripadvisor review can result in customers cancelling at a moment’s notice, finding a professional restaurant cleaning company that will deliver on a consistent basis has never been more important. First impressions count.

The restaurant industry is a unique sector with a very specific set of demands. Managers and owners need to ensure that their professional cleaning company is:

  • Flexible – restaurants often need cleaning services at irregular hours or have additional cleaning needs due to events or busy periods.
  • Cost-effective – ever-tightening margins caused by the rising costs of energy and food supplies are making restaurant owners more cost-conscious than ever.
  • Up-to-date with food hygiene regulations – ensuring that your restaurant cleaning company follows the correct food service sanitation protocols is crucial.
  • Highly-skilled – demands such as degreasing surfaces, cleaning upholstery and carpets after spills and deep cleaning kitchens all need specialist know-how.

Additionally, restaurants need to know that the cleaning company they work with is compliant with Health & Safety regulations – and that the cleaners they provide have the necessary right-to-work permits.

With a history in the commercial cleaning sector that now spans 35 years, Goldservice reliably meets all of these requirements for restaurant clients.

We can provide everything from a single pub cleaner to a full team of restaurant cleaners for daily cleaning. We also offer deep cleaning services, rapid clear-ups after a major event or function and more.

Restaurant cleaning services – the Goldservice way

Our experience in hospitality cleaning has been honed over two decades. The first contract we signed in this space was with a golf club whose restaurant and function areas needed cleaning on a regular basis.

We now offer dining room and kitchen cleaning services to more than 15 golf clubs across London and the South East and have acquired other hospitality clients along the way.

We understand that restaurant cleaning needs to be incredibly flexible – perhaps more so than any other sector. Restaurants often have very limited downtime for cleaning between shifts and are perhaps more likely than any other client to contact us needing urgent help.

Kitchen spills, problems in the customer washrooms or unexpected events in the dining areas can all necessitate a rapid response – which is something we offer on top of daily restaurant cleaning services.

Our bespoke service is tailored exclusively to you, with cleaning tasks clearly outlined before starting.

What many of our satisfied customers find reassuring is the proactivity of our management team. Unlike many cleaning companies, we’re very visible and available, with senior staff on hand 24/7.

We also perform regular site visits to make sure that our 300+ cleaners are delivering the service our clients expect.

Additionally, we make sure that the onboarding process is diligently undertaken so that all of our staff – who wear distinctive Goldservice uniforms – know exactly what is expected.

Your cleaning team will be very highly-trained and supported by more than £200,000 of technology, such as the latest scrubber dryer machines and industrial vacuum cleaners.

We take care of the following for restaurant clients:

  • Kitchen cleaning and dining areas
  • Bar cleaning and pub cleaning
  • Exterior grounds maintenance
  • Washroom services
  • Signage cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Car park maintenance
  • Kitchen deep cleaning
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Our expertise in the restaurant sector

For more than 20 years, we have been carrying out deep cleans of kitchens. We also provide daily cleaning of kitchen equipment, dining areas (including tables and carpets), toilets and floors.

Our clients also rely on us for more ad-hoc services, such as high-level cleaning of lights and extractor fans.

Business clients in the restaurant and hospitality sector often need our cleaners to visit seven days per week, and this is a service we provide across London and the South East.

Our highly-skilled teams are up-to-date with food hygiene regulations and arrive fully equipped to take care of your needs – whether that is making sure your dining area is spotlessly clean for customers or steam cleaning your kitchens.

Over the past few years, we have also added environmentally-friendly service options to our list of kitchen cleaning services – these have proven to be incredibly popular among restaurant clients.

If communicating your green credentials to your customers is important, we can ensure that we deliver an eco-clean that meets your requirements.

We have selected two acclaimed green product lines for our eco-friendly clients, covering everything from highly-effective degreasing products to customer hand wash.

9 reasons to choose Goldservice as your restaurant cleaner


Expertise in dining rooms and kitchens spanning 35 years.

Great Staff

Courteous, well-trained and reliable staff.

Range of add-on services

Full cleaning and maintenance services across the hospitality sector.

Management Support

24/7 telephone access to our senior management team.

Sector expertise

Industry-wide knowledge of compliance and regulations.

Green cleaning

Environmentally-friendly restaurant cleaning available on demand.

Rapid response

Swift action in emergency situations.


More than £200k invested in the latest cleaning tech.


Trusted cleaning partner across London and the South East.

As Premises manager I contracted in Goldservice Contract Cleaning to carry out a deep clean of all the Corridors & Toilets at my school. The whole team worked extremely hard for the whole week and the end results are above and beyond what i had expected. We have already received great feedback from the staff & students on their return from the summer holiday, exactly what I was hoping for.

Carl, Charles Darwin Secondary School

We use Goldservice for a local event that we organise annually. The team are friendly and reliable and the staff that are with us on the day are polite, helpful and very hard-working. We
would have no issue recommending them to anyone and we look forward to working with them again next year.

Katherine, Air Charter Expo

We have been using Goldservice for the past five years, and I could not be happier with the service.

Jon Wittenberg, Club Manager

I have personally used Goldservice for over 10 years across the sites I look after, and have always found them to be honest, trustworthy and extremely reliable.

Mark Effenberg, Franchise Director

I came into the office this morning and noted yet again how Goldservice continues to go above and beyond. The office was its usual immaculate self, and our small kitchen was gleaming. Please accept our gratitude and thanks for all your efforts. We really do appreciate it.

Jackie, Sennocke

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