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Our core service is available to businesses of all shapes and sizes across London and the South East.

Daily Contract Cleaning

Every day, more than 300 Goldservice cleaners diligently take care of office blocks, restaurants, factories, dental surgeries, schools and more.

Our daily contract cleaning service is especially well-suited to any business which has high levels of foot traffic – communal area cleaning, for example, is a speciality – or where cleanliness is critical for business success.

This is the case in car showrooms and retail stores in particular, where expertly-cleaned floors tend to be noticed and appreciated by customers.

We have a highly-skilled team of cleaners ready to start work at your premises on a daily basis tomorrow, and can provide DBS-cleared staff in environments where this is a requirement. We are highly flexible, too, with staff available exactly when you need them – 24/7.

With access to the latest and most effective professional cleaning products available on the market, our fully-trained cleaning teams are well-organised, courteous and efficient, and they are able to restock directly from your premises via an app. Delivery is guaranteed within 24 hours.

Goldservice offers specialist cleaning services, too, such as emergency cleaning when there has been a spill or other incident, such as a flood. We can also deliver highly-effective eco-cleaning services using proven environmentally-friendly products.

When you become a Goldservice contract cleaning client, all of the following add-on services are available to you, too:

Deep cleaning

A serious, heavy-duty clean for special occasions or to ensure your workplace maintains a certain standard.

Our deep clean services in London and the South East have helped many a business reinvigorate tired premises. Far more involved than a daily clean, our commercial deep cleaning begins with an in-depth conversation about exactly what you need and when.

For schools, the professional deep clean services they need may be centred around classroom, canteen and gym areas in mid-August, when pupils are on holiday.

For car dealerships, a deep clean is often required immediately before an audit and can involve taking all of the vehicles outside so that the whole of the showroom floor can be cleaned and polished.

In offices, deep cleans cover everything from removing marks on paintwork to sanitising desks and pulling out fridges so that our skilled cleaners can get behind with degreasing and other specialist products.

We recommend at least an annual deep clean to all of our clients so that their workplaces never become so unsanitary that problems start to arise. In certain environments, such as restaurant kitchens, spas, gyms and medical facilities, a more frequent deep cleaning schedule is often required.

Goldservice deep cleans typically take place after working hours to minimise disruption to your staff.

Window cleaning

Specialist cleaning services to keep windows free from dirt and let sunlight flood in.

The founders of Goldservice first started trading with a single window cleaning round back in 1988. Today, we take care of commercial window cleaning in London and the South East for dozens of clients and continue to win praise for our expertise in this arena.

As well as taking care of interior windows on any floor, we are able to access exterior windows as high as seven storeys. We always start with an assessment of your precise requirements and an analysis of any access issues that our cleaners will need to address.

Meticulous about health and safety, we make use of a wide variety of equipment for our commercial window cleaning clients that keeps risk to an absolute minimum. The hardware at our disposal includes telescopic pole systems, cherry pickers, abseiling harnesses and other specialist items.

When searching for an industrial window cleaner, your provider’s skill, safety and access to the very best equipment is paramount. Goldservice has a proven track record on all three fronts – and we don’t pick from our regular pool of 300+ staff for high-level office window cleaning: we only use specialists with relevant experience.

Whatever your window cleaner service needs, we can be relied on for regular weekly/monthly cleans or for an ad-hoc clean, as required.

And the results will speak for themselves. Dirt-free windows allow maximum light into your premises, giving visitors and customers alike a clear indication that you take cleanliness seriously.

Floor cleaning

Putting years of experience to good use so that your business creates a lasting first impression.

In many business settings, the floors are one of the first things that customers and staff will notice whenever they enter your premises.

It’s why we have honed our floor cleaning expertise to perfection and have built up a reputation as one of the best industrial floor cleaners in the whole of London and the South East.

Commercial floor cleaning is a specialist area and should never be left to everyday cleaners with no experience of what is required. We only use fully-trained staff and equip them with a variety of professional cleaning equipment to help them keep your floors in tip-top condition.

The technology at our disposal includes heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryer machines (a type of industrial floor cleaner) and floor sanders, which we use when renovating wooden floors.

Cleaning hard floors is a Goldservice speciality, and we can be relied upon to dispatch the right cleaners, the right tech and the right cleaning products to keep porcelain floors, stone floors, marble floors and more looking as good as new.

All of this helps to ensure that you get the maximum lifespan out of the flooring you have invested in – and sends out all the right messages to anyone who enters your workplace.

Upholstery and carpet cleaning

Inside knowledge and the very best tools enable us to keep your soft furnishings free from scuffs and stains.

If you’re looking for a carpet cleaning service in London or the South East, Goldservice is one of the safest pairs of hands in the business. We have been offering commercial carpet cleaning to clients for more than 25 years and are masters of the game.

Carpets are expensive. In a workplace setting, fitting carpet across a vast expanse of floor space can cost tens of thousands – which is why you need a professional cleaning service that understands carpet maintenance intimately and can help carpets to last for many years.

As longstanding members of the cleaning industry’s professional body, the BICSc, we are 100% up to date on the best products and technology available and equip our specialist carpet cleaning teams with hot water extraction machines, the latest rotary machines and more.

Our expertise extends to professional upholstery cleaning, too, and in more than 90% of cases, we can make even the most stubborn of stains disappear from sofas, curtains and other soft furnishings.

Choosing the wrong firm for your upholstery cleaning services can be disastrous, as incorrect product use can make stains permanent. We have the knowledge, the equipment and – to be extra safe – the insurance to ensure that upholstery and carpets are properly looked after.

Washroom services

This popular add-on for clients sees our cleaning teams keeping your staff and guest toilets clean around the clock.

We aim to provide a single, streamlined cleaning solution for all of our clients, whatever they need. Once clients have seen what we can deliver in terms of daily contract cleaning, they often want to add more.

Washroom services are one of the most popular add-ons that we offer.

We excel in this field because we have 35 years of commercial cleaning experience and a team of more than 300 highly-skilled cleaners who can help us to provide washroom servicing that few other companies can match.

We offer a full suite of washroom hygiene services, including:

  • Complete toilet, floor and sink cleaning.
  • Provision and emptying of feminine hygiene bins.
  • Replacement of toilet rolls, hand soaps, paper towels and other bathroom accessories.
  • Supply and maintenance of hand dryers and battery-operated air fresheners.
  • And more.

With demand for green washroom services steadily rising, 5 years ago we introduced an eco-friendly bathroom and toilet cleaner service, using safe, effective products that are kind on the environment. This is available to all clients upon request.

Handyman and maintenance services

Goldservice staff can take care of painting, refuse removal, plumbing/electrical work and a dozen other tasks.

Many businesses do not have a handyman on call 24/7 and, as a result, run into difficulties when small, ad-hoc jobs need taking care of in the workplace.

As finding reliable property maintenance services online can be such a minefield, we now offer all of our clients full access to our in-house team of highly capable odd-job specialists.

We define ‘handyman service’ as anything that requires some tools, some know-how and perhaps a little muscle. As an example, our handymen have helped with everything from assembling flat-pack furniture in large offices to fitting soap dispensers in washrooms.

General maintenance services, meanwhile, cover scheduled tasks such as the annual changing of lightbulbs, a monthly pressure wash of the patio area, or an office repaint every couple of years. Please contact us for a full list of services.

Knowing that your Goldservice maintenance specialist will turn up on time with the right tools and skills for your needs can be a real weight off your mind.

And whether you need someone in a few weeks or a few hours, we can help.

Exterior grounds maintenance

We first took our expertise in keeping commercial premises looking great to clients’ outdoor spaces two decades ago. Today, many of them count on it.

Having pristine premises that send out the right kind of message often extends well beyond your front door. Goldservice’s grounds maintenance services are designed to help clients set the exact tone they are looking for.

When acting as grounds maintenance contractor for car showrooms, for example, our services cover the forecourt (including any turfed areas and pathways), exterior signage, staff and customer car parking areas and more. Making sure that all of this is pristine can make all the difference when a first-time client arrives for a test drive.

Across the commercial and business landscape, our grounds maintenance services allow owners and facilities managers to rest easy that their property will look as good from the outside as it does indoors.

We offer:

  • Full gutter cleaning service
  • Landscaping
  • Fencing
  • Communal cleaning and maintenance, including leaf blowing
  • Lawn care
  • Weed and moss control
  • Refuse removal
  • Jet washing
  • Winterising services
  • And more

Our goal is to help you add value to your business by providing visitors with a first-class experience upon arrival. Just as importantly, high-quality grounds maintenance helps you to comply with Health & Safety obligations, too.

We have been using Goldservice for the past five years, and I could not be happier with the service.

Jon Wittenberg, Club Manager

We use Goldservice for a local event that we organise annually. The team are friendly and reliable and the staff that are with us on the day are polite, helpful and very hard-working. We
would have no issue recommending them to anyone and we look forward to working with them again next year.

Katherine, Air Charter Expo

As Premises manager I contracted in Goldservice Contract Cleaning to carry out a deep clean of all the Corridors & Toilets at my school. The whole team worked extremely hard for the whole week and the end results are above and beyond what i had expected. We have already received great feedback from the staff & students on their return from the summer holiday, exactly what I was hoping for.

Carl, Charles Darwin Secondary School

I came into the office this morning and noted yet again how Goldservice continues to go above and beyond. The office was its usual immaculate self, and our small kitchen was gleaming. Please accept our gratitude and thanks for all your efforts. We really do appreciate it.

Jackie, Sennocke

I have personally used Goldservice for over 10 years across the sites I look after, and have always found them to be honest, trustworthy and extremely reliable.

Mark Effenberg, Franchise Director

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