Sports centres, golf clubs and gym cleaning services in London and the South East

We have a long track record of cleaning leisure facilities across the South East, looking after everything from spas to golf clubs. Our service includes restaurant and function room cleaning, too.

The sports and leisure sector covers a broad spectrum, and the needs of one type of business – golf clubs, for example – are very different to those of a gym or public swimming pool.

For managers of leisure facilities, this makes finding a reliable professional cleaning service challenging. Many cleaning businesses advertise that they can manage the needs of firms in this sector, but their claims often don’t stand up to scrutiny.

Can they:

  • Understand and properly use the cleaning products and chemicals that are unique to your type of business?
  • Comply with all health and safety regulations – ensuring their own safety as well as that of your staff and customers?
  • Cope with the rigours of high-footfall areas such as changing rooms, aerobics studios, saunas, swimming pools and cafeterias?

For more than 20 years, Goldservice has been catering to businesses in the sports and leisure sector. At the last count, our list of golf clubs alone numbered just under 20.

Across London and the South East, we are relied upon by clients in the sports and leisure space to clean gym equipment, maintain spas and more – so that customers enjoy high levels of cleanliness whenever they visit.

We deliver on this promise by employing and training the best cleaning staff around, and we ensure that quality control is never an issue by conducting regular audits to check that everything is proceeding exactly as it should be.

Sports and leisure cleaning services – the Goldservice way

One of the first things you may notice about Goldservice when you work with us is that our cleaners – who wear our distinctive uniforms – require very little input from your own management team.

That’s because before starting any new contract, we discuss your exact needs with you. Whether you’re hiring us as your gym cleaning service, your pool cleaners or something else, we listen to your requirements and then create a service document that clearly sets out what we’ll do.

Once everything has been agreed, we communicate the specifics of the arrangement with our cleaners. We make sure that they have the right training, products and tools to do the job effectively and efficiently – which makes onboarding incredibly easy.

Smaller brands often overlook the onboarding process – meaning blank faces, missing products and lots of confusion when a new contract begins.

Over many years, we have perfected our approach so that when our cleaning teams arrive onsite, everything is seamless.

Supporting this is our highly responsive and proactive management team.

As a family-run business, we take great pride in our work and give each new contract our full attention. Our senior managers are available to you by phone, 24/7.

Whether you need a gym cleaner, golf club cleaning services or something more niche, such as cleaning at a squash club or snooker hall, we can provide you with cleaners who have the exact skills you need.

We take care of the following for sports and leisure clients:

  • Golf club cleaning services (including bars, restaurants and function rooms)
  • Professional gym cleaning services (and fitness studios)
  • Health club cleaning
  • Washroom services
  • Exterior grounds and maintenance
  • Window cleaning
  • Staff areas
  • Car park maintenance
  • Gym and locker room services
  • General handyman work and maintenance
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Sauna and spa cleaning
  • Treatment rooms

Our cleaning expertise in the sports and leisure sector

We have learned through experience that cleaning sports and leisure facilities requires our full attention. As well as being some of the toughest environments in which we have to work, we also need to be fully aware that these locations are highly customer-focused. As such, we ensure that our staff are incredibly well-trained, discreet and courteous at all times.

Additionally, we make sure we provide you with the right people for the job. Whether it’s someone with specialist knowledge of removing make-up marks from treatment room surfaces or a cleaner with a long track record in using swimming pool and spa chemicals, you can rest assured that their work will be exemplary.

We have particular expertise in cleaning golf clubs – managers at numerous sites across the South East have been kind enough to spread the word that we can be relied on to take care of staff areas, changing rooms, clubhouses, bars, restaurants and more.

Goldservice offers a complete 360-degree service to golf clubs and other sports/leisure facilities that covers everything from exterior grounds maintenance (including pressure washing, grass cutting and hedge trimming) to window cleaning or your annual deep clean.

We have the exact products and expertise required for:

  • Cleaning rubber floors in gyms and fitness centres
  • Sanitising steam rooms
  • Cleaning gym equipment
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Patio areas outside gyms, golf clubs and leisure centres

And much more.

As leisure facilities often have function rooms, we have also honed our skills over the years to deal with rapid clean-ups following a wedding or other event.

And for clients who want to demonstrate their commitment to the environment, we can offer a full green cleaning service using specialist eco cleaning materials upon request.

7 reasons to choose Goldservice for your sports and leisure cleaning

Great staff

Reliable, uniformed staff with many years of experience.

Sector expertise

Sports and leisure sector cleaning expertise spanning 35 years.


More than £200k invested in the latest cleaning tools and tech.

Management Support

24/7 access to senior management.

Bespoke service

Tailored cleaning plans to suit your needs.


Robust staff training and Health & Safety policy.


Eco-clean options available.

We use Goldservice for a local event that we organise annually. The team are friendly and reliable and the staff that are with us on the day are polite, helpful and very hard-working. We
would have no issue recommending them to anyone and we look forward to working with them again next year.

Katherine, Air Charter Expo

As Premises manager I contracted in Goldservice Contract Cleaning to carry out a deep clean of all the Corridors & Toilets at my school. The whole team worked extremely hard for the whole week and the end results are above and beyond what i had expected. We have already received great feedback from the staff & students on their return from the summer holiday, exactly what I was hoping for.

Carl, Charles Darwin Secondary School

We have been using Goldservice for the past five years, and I could not be happier with the service.

Jon Wittenberg, Club Manager

I have personally used Goldservice for over 10 years across the sites I look after, and have always found them to be honest, trustworthy and extremely reliable.

Mark Effenberg, Franchise Director

I came into the office this morning and noted yet again how Goldservice continues to go above and beyond. The office was its usual immaculate self, and our small kitchen was gleaming. Please accept our gratitude and thanks for all your efforts. We really do appreciate it.

Jackie, Sennocke

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