Veterinary cleaning in London and the South East

Hygiene is of paramount importance in the veterinary sector, so we ensure our teams are up to speed with all the latest regulations – and that they are equipped with the precise supplies they need.

The rise of large veterinary chains has brought with it a challenging set of demands for the managers of these facilities. Among them is finding a reputable, skilled and reliable professional cleaning partner.

With a high volume of clients – and their pets – passing through every day, the need for a dependable cleaning service that understands the sector and its unique requirements is paramount.

Smaller, privately-owned vet practices need consistency and quality, too. Key cleaning requirements of the people include who run veterinary centres also include:

  • Ability to use the right chemical cleaning products. Does their cleaning company have the requisite know-how to safely use the specialised chemicals needed for disinfection?
  • Flexibility. Will their cleaning team be able to safely and reliably enter the premises after normal working hours to ensure that the surgery is fully sanitised for the day ahead?

Goldservice clients know that we can handle all of the above – and much more. With 35 years of commercial cleaning experience, including more than a decade in the clinical space, we offer cost-effective, efficient veterinary cleaning services across London and the South East.

However large or small your vet practice, we can help to keep it clean, odour free and will ensure it helps to set the right tone when your customers and their animals walk through your door.

Veterinary cleaning services – the Goldservice way

In the commercial cleaning arena, some jobs are more demanding than others.

Vets require a very specific skill set from their cleaning staff, and it’s not unusual for a centre to take on a team only for them to be told several weeks into the contract that the cleaners can’t handle it.

We take a different approach. As well as hiring some of the most experienced, flexible and robust cleaners in London and the South East, we make sure at the very start that we hand-pick the best people for the job.

Everything begins with an in-depth conversation at your premises where our senior management can see and discuss exactly what you need.

While veterinary centres share many similarities, no two are the same, which is why we need to see how your business runs in person. We need to get a feel for your veterinary practice so that we can then develop a tailored cleaning solution just for you.

Once a contract has been agreed, we make sure that our fully-trained staff know what to expect when they turn up for work. Many cleaning firms bypass this important ‘onboarding’ step, which can lead to confusion.

With Goldservice, you can expect highly-skilled cleaners to arrive when they are supposed to and perform the service that has been agreed upon in advance.

They are also able to re-order supplies via an app we provide that guarantees restocking within 24 hours.

Additionally, both staff and clients are ably supported by our senior management team, who make regular site visits to audit cleaners’ work and ensure it is being performed to a consistently high standard.

In fact, clients are given the personal mobile phone numbers of our senior team, which they are invited to use 24/7.

We take care of the following for vet clients:

  • Medical grade floor cleaning
  • Cleaning of offices, surgical areas, imaging areas and kennels
  • Exam room cleaning
  • Corridors and walkways
  • Waiting rooms
  • Exterior grounds maintenance
  • Washroom services
  • Window cleaning
  • Car park maintenance
  • Deep cleaning on an annual basis or as needed
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Waste removal

Our expertise in the veterinary sector

Our first ever medical client was a single GP surgery more than a decade ago. This was our introduction to the world of sterile environments, hazardous waste removal, medical-standard floor cleaning and much more.

Since then, we have honed our skill and knowledge across the sector and provide clients with highly-trained, hard-working cleaning staff who are up to speed with all of the latest regulations.

We select from our pool of 300+ cleaners for new veterinary clients, ensuring they are proficient around surgical areas and expensive medical equipment such as X-ray machines and ultrasounds.

They also arrive with the precise cleaning materials and tools for the job – whether that’s industrial vacuum cleaners that are well-suited to large volumes of animal hair or hygienic odour control products to keep your veterinary clinic smelling fresh.

We also offer clients a complete ‘green clean’ upon request. Technological advances over the past few years mean that we now have products that deliver sanitary cleaning to a very high level – and without harming the environment.

6 reasons to choose Goldservice as your veterinary cleaner


Commercial cleaning expertise spanning 35 years.

Great staff

Well-trained, reliable, uniformed staff.

360-degree service

Complete cleaning and maintenance services to meet all of your surgery’s needs.

Management Support

24/7 telephone access to senior management.

Sector expertise

More than 10 years of experience in healthcare cleaning.


Industry knowledge of compliance and regulations.

We have been using Goldservice for the past five years, and I could not be happier with the service.

Jon Wittenberg, Club Manager

As Premises manager I contracted in Goldservice Contract Cleaning to carry out a deep clean of all the Corridors & Toilets at my school. The whole team worked extremely hard for the whole week and the end results are above and beyond what i had expected. We have already received great feedback from the staff & students on their return from the summer holiday, exactly what I was hoping for.

Carl, Charles Darwin Secondary School

I came into the office this morning and noted yet again how Goldservice continues to go above and beyond. The office was its usual immaculate self, and our small kitchen was gleaming. Please accept our gratitude and thanks for all your efforts. We really do appreciate it.

Jackie, Sennocke

We use Goldservice for a local event that we organise annually. The team are friendly and reliable and the staff that are with us on the day are polite, helpful and very hard-working. We
would have no issue recommending them to anyone and we look forward to working with them again next year.

Katherine, Air Charter Expo

I have personally used Goldservice for over 10 years across the sites I look after, and have always found them to be honest, trustworthy and extremely reliable.

Mark Effenberg, Franchise Director

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